Thursday, May 8, 2008

Reached First Milestone

Hallo all!

Yes, I am going to be completely uncouth and post my earnings as I reach my personal milestones. I want to remember these!

I started my first Elance project at the end of March, and now, 6 weeks later, I realize I am almost right on top of the $600 mark.

Wow. I barely started, and $100 a week average is not peanuts. Actually, though, I earned over half of that in the past ten days, so it's really over $200 a week now.

Lets see. What have I got lined up?

One (two year?) contract for $ 50 a week - one 300 word keyword oriented article per day.
One (one year?) contract for $ 100 a week - approx 7 news story edits and postings per day.
One (one year?) contract for $ 80 a week - One 500 word each blog and news post per day.

Thats $230 right there. Call it $200 after fees. And that's only about 4 hours a day.

I am chasing another long term contract that will round out my steady work roster, and have about half a dozen 2-10 article gigs I am knocking out at the rate of 6-8 articles a day in addition to my daily assignments. Even then I am far from working at full capacity.

I have virtually stopped working my other job, letting my residual income continue to coast; it only requires about an hour a night to maintain.

Methinks I have arrived.

Now, I know this post looks like a brag, but hey. It's my blog, and I'll crow if I want to!

Seriously, though, if I can do it, anyone can. I am the most self defeating person I know, I don't believe in myself or take risks, so this is a giant step for me! I never could have done it without all of my supporters, so thanks again, y'all.

Now, I have to go... I have three deadlines, and the baby needs lunch!

Slainte ~Grace


Susan said...

Hi Grace,

I'm a Helium writer too and found your blog through your About Me page.

Congratulations on your Elance success! Sounds like an interesting place to check out.


Jim Bessey said...

Grace, outstanding work. Not bragging when it's doable! You are an inspiration to other new writers: you can make serious money using your head and your keyboard.