Monday, May 5, 2008

I Expand My Horizons: More Projects

And here I am a few days later, buried under a veritable pile of projects!

I have expanded into writing blogs and news stories for a SEO site, and the stuff I am learning will stand me in good stead!

Writing to keywords has proved easy for me, and now I am writing about writing to keywords!

Search Engine Optimization is the science of getting yourself noticed amongst the hordes clamoring for attention at the gates of Google, Yahoo and other giant spiders of the web.

Soon I will be a veritable expert in the field, or so I tell myself when the words on the screen start to blur (usually around 2:00 AM).

I have also landed a little gig utilizing my knowledge of diabetic cool to find a job posted that matches an obscure area of my mongrelized expertise.

Another website needs keyword based articles done as well, and promises to be another long term contract.

I doubled my rates already as I am beating off buyers with a stick... I will be able to tell my boss where to go in 6 months if this keeps up!

Slainte, all! I'm buying rounds at the Writer's Guild tonight...see you there. ~Grace


Eve Redstone said...


That first click and bid are scary stuff but as some-one we both know says "hazard yet forward" or something like that.

Doubled your price, wow! (Thinks..I wonder how much that is...that is the only thing about Elance, you don't really know the going rate.)


Grace Alexander said...

Too true! But, as the saying goes, the fair price is what the market will bear...

It really depends on the buyer! I choose my buyers carefully, trying to find the ones who really want a quality product; they are usually willing to pay more for a nice, professional piece of work. They also tend to be nicer and easier to work with!

Thanks for posting ~ Grace