Monday, May 12, 2008

Is it Possible to Expire of Tiredeness?

I typed that, and then remembered the famous Arctic explorer who disappeared. Blimey if I can remember his name.

His and his men's bodies were found in a tent at their encampment, and it was put about that they had died of sheer exhaustion in their noble exploration efforts.

Later it came out that they had been burning a coal lamp inside the closed tent whilst sleeping, and had died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Stupid, and not nearly as romantic.

Carve on my tombstone:

"She lived by the pen, and died from falling on her ass out of the chair when she fell asleep."

That should qualify.



Joy Healey said...

So it's not just me that falls asleep in front of the key-board then?

Thanks so much for your hard-work and creativity on the first Elance project I'd ever submitted. I was nervous about handing over my writing to someone else, but having found you, I needn't have been. You had some great ideas, and delivered them promptly and efficiently.

Really great working with you on my natural migraine alternatives project, and I'll look forward to doing so again.


Tonya said...

Ahhh Grace, I'm afraid it may well be possible to expire in this fashion! But, what would the world do without you?

It's so good to see all your hard work paying off! It's smooth sailing from here my friend, as you do what you love most; writing!

Remember though; put aside a little "me" time for yourself cause crashing your forehead into your keyboard could put you temporarily out business! Smiles and Hugs ~ Tonya