Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Muffled Noises From Under A Pile of Projects...

...and she's coming up to breathe!

Wow! I have to add 'time management' to my list of things to get better at.

I now have a news article plus a blog post to write every day, around 45 press releases to edit and post each week, 30 short articles a month and a host of other assignments.

Glad to see my fellow writers taking the plunge; woot woot!

So, what's next? This is an open blog, so jump in and tell us your stories; encouraging others with your successes is the way to pay it forward!



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jadey said...

Hi Grace,

Congrats on all the work on elance. I have joined and do have a bid on. I have heard nothing back so far. I have taken a test on Elance passed it and will take more and will upgrade my membership as well. Nice blog and feel free to go to mine anytime just click on my name from this post and it will take you to one of mine. Enjoy.